XDM Courtyard Renovation

Professional Group Work (Fully Involved) - Kengo Kuma & Associates

Street Renovation - Completed in Nov. 2016
Project Time: 2015.04 - 2016.11


Supervisor: Kengo Kuma, Hirokatsu Asano
Team: Chu-Hao Pan, Rentian Liu, Livia Wang
Team Contribution (35%): Preliminary Study, Advance Design, Graphic Drawing,
Detail Design, Material Research, Site Check, Interior Design

" Qianmen" is the place where traditional Chinese culture remained, which also a unique site for international researchers. Seven offices, including MAD, MVRDV, Neri&Hu, etc., are invited to use this site as a way of experiment to renovate and gradually activate the old city. Thus, this time, what kengo kuma want to study is the bond between people on this unique street, using courtyard as the basic elements to blender into social public space. Meanwhile, in order to preserve traditional culture, design should be undertook without mass demolish.