Vernacular Fur

PennDesign 502
Group Work

2018 F.Schenck-Henry Gillette Woodman Scholarship

The East Parkside Little Free Library develops a dichotomy between the vernacular nature of building, and the graphic of ornament with the non-human centric organism of stray cat. A book drop serves as a nodal point guided to by the children’s feline friend, lead to by the curiosity of shelter and warmth the cat becomes not a nuisance to the community but now a part of the community at large. With the projection of abstracted ornament, color and vernacular graphic, our book drops blend for the passerby. But to the curious child, they become whisked in by our furry friends, to discover books and engage with the abstracted formal device furthering the lively, vibrant and colorful projection of the community of East Parkside.