Tessellation Illusion

PennDesign 501
Group Work


Instructor: Ben Krone
Team: Catherine Rentian Liu, Kai Shih, Mitchell Allan Chisholm, Yihao Zhang
Team Contribution (30%): Preliminary Study, Concept Design, Fabrication, Graphic Drawing,
Detail Design, Material Research, Assembly, Rendering

Tessellation in two dimensions, also called planar tiling, is a topic in geometry that studies how shapes, can be arranged to fill a plane without any gaps, according to a given set of rules. In this case, the installation called "Tessellation Illusion" was tried to explore the consequence of multiple interpretations in three dimensions: the expansion of space when the appearance of surface shifts to that of volume, and the inversion of structure as the appearance of mass becomes that of void. The result is a material, spatial language for multiple readings. Customize components were made in different size and assembled to achieve spital possibility.