Love Generator

Team Work, 2016


Role: Team Leader
Team: Rentian Liu, Wentao Gao, Haozhou Yang
Team Contribution: Concept, Preliminary Study, Advance Design, Comic,
Graphic Drawing, Screening, Section, Rendering, Modeling
Personal Improvement: Theory Study, Script, Psychological Profile, Axonometric
drawing, Interior Design

The design discusses the probabilities of space for love in cities. What must be prioritized is that we have extracted various loverelated psychology and discovered the existence of interactions between instinctive requests and attributions of love relationship. We divided these affairs into three main parts, "hook-up", "dating" and "stable relationship", coming up with several prototypes and typology to describe these kinds of space and establish a instinctive generator for city love. Moreover, a montage circulation was designed to serve for experiencing all these brilliant events happening in the project.

Chapter 1 - Dating

Chapter II - Stable Relationship

Chapter III - Hook-Up

Chapter IV - Experience Montage