Love Generator

The design discusses the probabilities of space for love in cities. What must be prioritized is that we have extracted various loverelated psychology and discovered the existence of interactions between instinctive requests and attributions of love relationship. We divided these affairs into three main parts, "hook-up", "dating" and "stable relationship", coming up with several prototypes and typology to describe these kinds of space and establish a instinctive generator for city love. Moreover, a montage circulation was designed to serve for experiencing all these brilliant events happening in the project.

The New Deal

Fiberoptic facades, generative machines, green washes, artificially intelligent friends and optimistic dystopias characterize the exploration of Iconic Buildings for a Future Society. Does a building start as an icon of a society or does it become one through its relationship to its society over time? How can an existing city be redefined for the future? A project as a cultural investigation has resulted in one that challenges and interrogates the future of urban city planning. “The New deal” is born from such conflict. It is the place where people from both sides could meet with each other, exchange their culture and ideas, creating a binational third place, a society which has maximum democracy and freedom as well as the minimum inequality.

Roosevelt Island Art Terminal

A building cannot stand without plugging into the infrastructure network – a larger system which controls the building. In the same time, the signage system is subsystem to control and guide the way in which people use the building. And with the advanced technology, there are also can be some self-control system inside the building like an artificial intelligence which can control everything in a building, maybe even include an interior mini eco-system. Also those “stuffs” are too large to hide, so people must learn to live with them and getting benefit from them.

Parasitic Incubator

With the increasing issues from 20th century's mega-block and huge amount population, the urban environment has changed and need to be considered for a new solution. This modernist visions of new utopias for the city ambitiously attempted to redefine the community by slicing and inserting its narrow contents with large interventions in the name of “new living”. This linear incubator gets free stand position and linked with existing buildings by bridges. However, the bridges not only play role as connector but also be the crucial element that make the units in new & old building as whole one, which brings such urban strategy extensibility and continuity.

Legacy Revival

Working in a team of two, we came up with a design strategy which would promote the capital value of the neighborhood and improve rensidents living condition, while conserving the historical value of the neighborhood. The urban strategy for the block was to perserve the original footprint of the site, and reorganize public space of the site into different boxes. The architecture strategy focus on how to improve the living condition of the neighborhood by providing landscape, public facilities, shared space and etc., which would, in return, increase the capital value of the neighborhood

Crematory Library

Defamiliarization is the technique of challenging the perception and recognition of something by changing the way it is presented. Then, it is a disruption of immediate recognition and automatization. This device can be applied to architecture in many ranges such as material, form, program, and context. Making architecture perform in a way that it usually does not. Under such circumstance, this strategy provide the possibility to "recycle" the waste space in city. Normally, cemetery needs huge place and gets barely visited. Therefore, in this case, by defamiliaring both the architectural form and auxiliary program, the crematory library brings people the chance to reduce the fear and have a different view of the dead body. Also, the Parkside site can be reactivate.

Invisible Archive

This archive design project takes aim at the target to minimize the influence on the museum. To archive the goal to hide the massive volume, the whole project is dissolved into the landscape in order to be in harmony with the place in which is made.

Tessellation Illusion

Tessellation in two dimensions, also called planar tiling, is a topic in geometry that studies how shapes, can be arranged to fill a plane without any gaps, according to a given set of rules. In this case, the installation called "Tessellation Illusion" was tried to explore the consequence of multiple interpretations in three dimensions: the expansion of space when the appearance of surface shifts to that of volume, and the inversion of structure as the appearance of mass becomes that of void. The result is a material, spatial language for multiple readings. Customize components were made in different size and assembled to achieve spital possibility.

Vernacular Fur

The East Parkside Little Free Library develops a dichotomy between the vernacular nature of building, and the graphic of ornament with
the non-human centric organism of stray cat. A book drop serves as a nodal point guided to by the children’s feline friend, lead to by the
curiosity of shelter and warmth the cat becomes not a nuisance to the community but now a part of the community at large. With the
projection of abstracted ornament, color and vernacular graphic, our book drops blend for the passerby. But to the curious child, they
become whisked in by our furry friends, to discover books and engage with the abstracted formal device furthering the lively, vibrant
and colorful projection of the community of East Parkside.


This project mainly seek for the future possibilities of residential's life. With the arrival of new technologies, the exist of architecture will be changed. I believe that people in the future will find the techniques that will enable people a way that nothing is completely fixed. Architecture might be even transformed from a living entity to virtual ever-present. As the result, what I designed for these mobile cubes make architecture go user's side and bring them extraordinary degree of freedom without previous limitation.

M.Arch, University of Pennsylvania, 2020
B.A. Architecture, University of Liverpool, 2014