Novatis Campus

Professional Group Work- Kengo Kuma & Associates

Project Complete in 05.2016

Supervisor: Kengo Kuma, Hirokatsu Asano

Final CD &DD Stage

As "Novartis" is a " campus", the main idea of the concept is to elevate the level into a second landscape that available to the cafe. The floating green roof, which is the third landscape can cover the cafeteria with low maintenance sedum plants can provides people who working in high level office a senery like a natural central courtyard. Not only camouflaging into the surrounding environment, but also be the inseparable part of natural. The maxium height is 10.50 and roof cantilevers 2.4m to form drainage gutters which included in the roof structure then lead to the edges of roof. Meanwhile, the plants underneath the roof can be irrigated.

The purpose of kengo kuma‘s mixed-use building is to solely serve as a meeting, events and café space for the company’s staff and guests. the low-rise building is topped with a folded green roof and illustrates a different approach in contrast to the neighboring box-typed buildings. during its design development, the architects interpreted the novartis building from a small ‘house’ because in the end, the scheme is a destination for gathering and socialization. in turn, the green and origami-influenced scheme uses V-shaped columns and lattice-formed beams in its construction. the interior continues the use of laminated douglas-fir illustrated in the exposed ceiling, rooms and spaces punctuated by furniture in various designs and layout to create an inviting atmosphere.

Aerial View

All images © eiichi kano

The roof was influenced by origami techniques

Interior Counter View with Wooden Column Structure

The nature of the oversized roof allows sheltered outdoor seating to be created