2626 Hardy Dr. Reposition

Professional Group Work - Gensler, 2019


In Construction

Supervisor: Jens Kolb, Jay Silverberg
Team Contribution: Preliminary Study, modeling, Graphic Drawing,
Material Research, document preparation & submission

Capital Hall Partners acquired a 1960s vacant warehouse in Tempe, AZ. The Southern California buyer shook hands with a local seller, University Realty LLC, to acquire the 50,366-square-foot property, which is in an Opportunity Zone. The new owner plans to redevelop the asset as a creative office, calling it “the hub.”


Situated on 4.3 acres at 2626 S. Hardy Dr., the property will undergo an entire interior and exterior redesign. Michael Bronska with Capital Hall Partners indicated the company had been looking for an Opportunity Zone project with “high value-add potential, excellent market fundamentals, and surrounded by a thriving community.”

Back View w. Front Shading System

Back View w. Front Shading System