Gensler Pop-up Installation

Professional Intern Project

In Construction

Supervisor: Gensler Phoenix Office
Team Contribution: Schematic Design, Preliminary Study, Advance Design, Graphic Drawing,
Detail Design, Material Research, Rendering, Presentation

Intern Team


- This design build shall not be confined to one boundary. The mobile and transformable nature of the structure encourages the design build to reside in various locations. Some of those including Gensler Phoenix, schools and universities in the greater Phoenix area, sports and entertainment hubs, and public parks and recreational facilities.


- This design build shall actively engage the community with Gensler, promote the architectural disciplines interactively, and serve as a platform for aspiring designers to shine.

- This design build shall consider the dimensions and capabilities of a standard truck/SUV for travel of the structure. Additionally, the design build shall consider a handful of designers with limited time for assembly and install.


Site Reseach

Over 100 Sites Possibilities

Reseach & Look & Feel (Design Strategy)

- Easy & Quick for Pop-up

- Interactive & Playful

- Easy construction (Modular)

- Change with different themes

- Fordable Structure (Mobility)




The concept of this design is highly inspired by the “container within a container” concept of Russian Stacking dolls and  architectural folding.


This design build has the ability to transform to meet the needs of different programs. It can also be easily folded back to it’s original, cube form to encourage easy travel and storage.


This design build’s core principal is to advocate for design and spread Gensler’s passion and knowledge within the field to the community. The mobile roots of the design build allow Gensler to reach beyond the greater Phoenix area.


This design build welcomes the community to explore what design means to them through interactive programming and educational opportunities

Operating Process



Explode Assembly & Detail Joints

Material - Gradient Patter / Metal Panel

Installation Variation