Shenzhen Art Museum & Library

Professional Group Work - KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten

In Construction

Supervisor: Jakob Hense, Jürgen Engel
Team Contribution: Preliminary Study, Advance Design (Library), Graphic Drawing,
Detail Design, Material Research, Facade Study, Interior Design

The design consists of three elements, which together form an ensemble: an art museum, a library and archive, and in the middle a public space, the ‘Culture Plaza’. A stone podium some six meters high forms the base of the museum, library, and plaza. The main concept behind the design was to create a space that brings together art, culture, and an urban environment – a space where people and culture are encouraged to interact.

The library, whose footprint, like that of the museum, measures 80 x 90 meters, features a four-storey reading room with approx. 2,200 desks and a large skylight that floods it with natural daylight. The archive is located in the podium and on the basement levels.

Facade System

Customized Facade System guarantee the light and privacy with density variation

While client want the facade to be stone, which has heavy weight and need find a appropriate method to hang. After discussion, we chose to use GRC panel to make it have stone effect without weight difficulty.

Material & Joint