Qianmen Courtyard Renovation

Company Project - Kengo Kuma & Associates

Traditional courtyards are enclosed and mixed household. Community interaction can only be achieved in outdoor space. Thus, courtyard environment and resident's mentality gradually deteriorate. What we did was to break the enclosed walls' limitation and help the courtyard connect to its surrounding, which conduces to a kind of shared house to attract different people. With opening layout, internal courtyard can be linked with surrounding contexts, dweller'decadent and depressive life moods are eventually changed to modern life.

Novatis Campus

Company Project - Kengo Kuma & Associates

"Novartis" as a " campus", the main idea of the concept is to elevate the level into a second landscape that available to the cafe. The floating green roof, which is the third landscape can cover the cafeteria with low maintenance sedum plants can provides people who working in high level office a senery like a natural central courtyard. Not only camouflaging into the surrounding environment, but also be the inseparable part of natural. The maxium height is 10.50 and roof cantilevers 2.4m to form drainage gutters which included in the roof structure then lead to the edges of roof. Meanwhile, the plants underneath the roof can be irrigated.

ShenZhen Art Museum & Library (1st Prize)

Company Project - KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten

The design consists of three elements, which together form an ensemble: an art museum, a library and archive, and in the middle a public space, the ‘Culture Plaza’. A stone podium some six meters high forms the base of the museum, library, and plaza. The main concept behind the design was to create a space that brings together art, culture, and an urban environment – a space where people and culture are encouraged to interact. The library, whose footprint, like that of the museum, measures 80 x 90 meters, features a four-storey reading room with approx. 2,200 desks and a large skylight that floods it with natural daylight. The archive is located in the podium and on the basement levels.

2626 Hardy Dr. Reuse

Company Project - Gensler

Capital Hall Partners acquired a 1960s vacant warehouse in Tempe, AZ. The new owner plans to redevelop the asset as a creative office, calling it “the hub.”And, this project will undergo an entire interior and exterior redesign, which represent the “high value-add potential, excellent market fundamentals, and surrounded by a thriving community.”

Gensler Pop-up Installation

Company Project - Gensler

This design build shall not be confined to one boundary. The mobile and transformable nature of the structure encourages the design build to reside in various locations. Some of those including Gensler Phoenix, schools and universities in the greater Phoenix area, sports and entertainment hubs, and public parks and recreational facilities. Meanwhile, this design build shall actively engage the community with Gensler, promote the architectural disciplines interactively, and serve as a platform for aspiring designers to shine.

Triple Skyline 

Company Competition

From the ancient, human-beings used to travel within the road between mountains, whereas with the advance of modern society, high-rise elements gradually transfered from mountain to high-rise buildings. And gap or void which exist for human survive has already vanished in every city's central areas. The only thing we can see is intensive high-rise buildings. Therefore, either human-beings or modern city become stressed without proper gap.

M.Arch, University of Pennsylvania, 2020
B.A. Architecture, University of Liverpool, 2014